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~~~~~~~~~~~ Inbound Travel Insurance ~ Exclusions ~~~~~~~~~~~
This insurance is underwritten by: Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited


General Exclusions

  1. Suicide, self-inflicted injury, childbirth, pregnancy, miscarriage, dental treatment (except as necessitated by accidental injuries to sound natural teeth), mental and nervous disorders, insanity, alcoholism or drug addiction, venereal disease, AIDS or AIDS related complex.

  2. Any pre-existing conditions or excluded sickness.

  3. Any professional sport, racing and competitions of any kind.

For benefit - Loss of Travel Document

  1. Losses not reported to police and/or airlines within 24 hours.

For benefit - Personal Liability

  1. Liability arising out of the use of vehicles, aircraft, or water craft.

  2. Any wilful, malicious or unlawful act, any cost resulting from criminal proceedings.



Notice of any Claims must be given to Blue Cross within 30 days of any occurrence which may give rise to claim under this insurance. All clamis shall be made together with proof satisfactory including reports from hospital, physician, police, airlines or other responsible authority. Claims form could be provided on request.


Please contact Tiglion Travel at Tel 852-25117189 , fax 852-25197296 or email travel@tiglion.com for application of BlueCross Inbound Travel Insurance.

The above information is only a summary for general reference only.
All insurance transactions must be arranged within the territory of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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