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~~~~~~~~~~~ Inbound Travel Insurance ~ Highlights ~~~~~~~~~~~
This insurance is underwritten by: Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited


To ensure a wonderful vacation in Hong Kong, enrol in Blue Cross Inbound Travel Insurance to protect you against unexpected expenses and losses while you are visiting Hong Kong, you can wholly enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind.


Charges By HK Government Medical Facilities For HK Residents & Non HK Residents

Medical Services Fee for HK Residents (HK$) Fee for Non HK Residents (HK$)
General Outpatient $45 $215
Accident & Emergency $100 $570
In-patient (General Hospitals) $50 admission fee for the 1st day, $100 per day $3,300 per day
Source: Hong Kong Hospital Authority

As a Travel Insurance market leader, Blue Cross always takes good care of customers. Therefore, apart from the benefits of this plan, Blue Cross has additionally provides an enquiry service in Hong Kong's clinics and hospitals. Customers are welcome to contact our Customer Service Hotline : 21631333 for assistance.



A minimum age of 6 weeks to a maximum of 75 years old. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who is insured under the same policy.




Simply complete the attached application form and submit together with the required premium to either Blue Cross or Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited, agent of Blue Cross. (Note : Premium should be submitted either in HK$ or US$)




  1. Covers hospital/medical costs arising from sickness and accident which occurs after the Insured Person arrives Hong Kong.

  2. No coverage or benefits is provided for medical services or supplies required for a medical conditions, disease or disorder that existed on or prior to the effective date of this insurance.

  3. Once the application is approved, the policy will be effected upon the Insured Person arrives in Hong Kong.

  4. The policy will be terminated upon the Insured Person's departure.

  5. The maximum coverage period is 90 days per trip, including any extension of the term granted.

  6. The plan is not available to residents of Hong Kong.



Please contact Tiglion Travel at Tel 852-25117189 , fax 852-25197296 or email travel@tiglion.com for application of BlueCross Inbound Travel Insurance.

The above information is only a summary for general reference only.
All insurance transactions must be arranged within the territory of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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